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Student Seven Honors Jon Urbana

Today we honor Jon Urbana, a dude who has accomplished a great deal in his life. As a businessman, a philanthropist, a career in flying as well as lacrosse, and music and photography (see his reel here), it is difficult to find one single accomplishment to define him. By focusing on his charity work, his career as a lacrosse defender, and his business called Ellipse USA, there is a greater appreciation and understanding of a man who continues to inspire others.

Urbana’s career as a lacrosse player was noted in during his playing time from 2002 to 2004. As a defensive lacrosse player, Urbana achieved All-American honors and was also recognized as the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year. Beyond his playing career, Urbana showed how passionate he was for lacrosse by sharing this passion with youth. He founded the Jon Urbana Lacrosse Camp, a lacrosse camp for youth in the state of Colorado. Next Level Lacrosse Camp, according the website, aims to helps players improve on certain skills. This camp is an example of how passionate Urbana is about lacrosse, allowing others to participate in this sport.

Although Urbana has built a reputable reputation for his lacrosse camp, he has also garnered attention through his humble charity work. As a creator of Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc, it demonstrates the willingness and care that Urbana goes through to support the environment, as well as motivate and inspire youth to also care about the environment. Also part of his charity work, Urbana has created videos as well as charitable campaigns, such as the Crowdrise campaign for ARAS, to support Earth Force and improve the environment.

Furthermore, his work as a businessman also highlights how much he has accomplished and continues to accomplish. Beyond his founding of Next Level Lacrosse, Urbana is also an active Tumblr writer and head of business development at Ellipse Technologies, a privately held IPL and laser systems provider, according to one website.

His role with this business and his founding of Next Level Lacrosse are examples of how much Jon Urbana has accomplished, so follow him on Twitter. as businessman. Urbana continues to inspire everyone on Facebook to care about the environment and follow their passion in anything they do.

The Growth Of Eucatex Through The Years

Eucatex is a Brazilian firm that was founded on November 23rd, 1951. The company was a pioneer, as it was the first in Brazil to think about acoustic comfort and the environment. It was also the first to use, as a raw material, eucalyptus, for the manufacture of ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex’s predecessor was Americana Sawmill Americana, a firm founded in 1923.

Fiberboard Industrial Unit, the first mill, was inaugurated in 1954 in Salto. This is where Eucatex started by producing soft boards, before graduating to making tile and panels. The years 1956-1965 saw the company place its representative offices in various Brazilian capitals as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The firm started its export business in 1965, with their ceiling tiles and panels being shipped to Europe.

During the years between 1960 and 1980, Eucatex expanded to include a hardboard mill in Salto. The firm also opened up a Metal Industrial Unit in Barueri, Spain. In line with its growth, the firm opened up representative offices in various countries that include Mexico, Germany, the United States and Holland.

In this period also, the company got into the manufacture of paints. Initially, these were used in coating their acoustic ceiling tiles and panels. This move was also taken to aid in reforestation to as to ensure supply of raw material is unhindered. By the close of the 80s, Eucatex was exporting to more than 50 countries. Their areas of production were divided into wood, mineral, forestry and metallic.

Following the inauguration of yet another factory in 1994 in Salto, Eucatex now had the resources needed for the development of a complete line of paints and varnishes in its labs. The firm also started the manufacture of MDP panels in 1996. The company went ahead to be the first Brazilian company to receive ISO 9001 certification in its sector.

In 2010, the production of panels started in a new T-HDF/MDF line that was installed in the Salto industrial facility. The panels produced are of high technology as well as mechanical resistance. The panels are used in the manufacture of partition panels and doors.

In 2011, Eucatex had a celebration of its 60th anniversary. The company had made its way to the top to become a market leader in Brazil. The company currently exports its products to 37 countries and employs 2,201 staff. They own and manage four modern factories.

Flavio Maluf is a Mechanical Engineer and also the President of Eucatex and the GrandFood group. He is Paulo Maluf’s eldest son. Mr. Maluf graduated FAAP, Brazil. He is also a successful entrepreneur.

Flavio is well known for commenting on the major corporate happenings worldwide, because of his expertise in the industry.  He’s also well known for being a provider of knowledge when it comes to education and the technological applications as such.  But these days he’s more focused.  He’s concentrated on what he wants to accomplish, and where he wants to go in the future.   Follow Flavio on Twitter if you’d like to keep up with where he’s going next.


Online dating is a game only the best get to survive. Some bro codes and girl codes exist here that only masters seem to be aware. Like men should never use Emoji’s since it shows a lack of confidence and will decrease your chances by 66%. The same smiley face increases the chances of our sisters by 60%. Ouch! Somebody got a hurting ego. You should also have a full picture yourself in the photos. Well here is a list of things to do this January if you want to bag a date come to Valentines.


  1. Ask your online crush out this January and especially on a Sunday. People start the new year with resolutions and getting married come on top of the list of many people’s goals. The quiet holiday, pressure from family and the cold weather mean you will be in a lot of company. Sunday nights are especially common time to ask for a potential date out.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask your crush out. Be out there and send messages. It should be a genuine message, not auto-generated and seek to strike a conversation. Ensure your conversation starter is natural and doesn’t put pressure on the other party to act. It should also flow naturally and be an interesting topic.
  3. Don’t be too chatty. Remember the laws of power. The less you say, the better for you. When you get online to chat with, go offline ASAP.
  4. Make sure you have a full photo of you at your best. When doing an active natural activity its best for its a conversation starter. It increases your chances by a staggering 200%.
  5. If you are a man, please don’t use an Emoji. Women look for confidence and relying on emoji’s to convey emotions is a weak link. It decreases you chances by 66%. As for women, it will increase the likelihood by 60% if used sparingly. It is best also to keep the momentum going. It will prove paramount in the long run.


One of the best dating sites is SKOUT. It was founded in 2007 by a Swedish duo and was one of the 1st in the market. It has since grown and has over 500 million people in its database. It has also spawned other sites like Fuse and Nixter. It is available in 180 countries in 14 languages.


After its formation in 2007, it was relaunched as a dating site in 2009. It recently turned profitable and had been on a big roll.


Skout uses a minimalist design language and relies on swipes and clicks to drive up traffic. Registering the app is easy and straightforward and requires few details. It has more than 10 million daily users and is a market leader.


It recently Launched a new service called Skout travel. It is a system whereby people can virtually tour other places. The people on the end have gone on actually to go on actual visits.


The article is a recap of


Backers Heading Efforts to Incorporate Olympic Valley Finally Withdraw

Neighbors living in Lake Tahoe’s north shore know the sad truth of the complications the area has faced over the last few years. Along with a number of natural challenges to hit the locale like the drought that troubled local winter resorts and businesses, the valley also had to contend with tons of political turmoil. When the dispute over incorporation of the gorgeous Olympic Valley kicked up, area residents just couldn’t seem to catch a break. As the home to world renowned Squaw Valley Resort, it’s important to remember that it is also the birthplace of some of the nation’s most exquisite terrains for winter sports.
Being president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., Andy Wirth says there might just be some rest up ahead for both sides of the conflict though. Wirth knows much like anyone else of the region that the last four years have been trying ones. However, he still maintains hope. Luckily, Mother Nature allowed for some relief this past year when the early season storms came causing cooler temps that provided Squaw Valley and other local resorts the well deserved chance to open up sooner than what had become the norm over the past decade.
Plus, backers seemed to allow for additional respite when just this week they withdrew their efforts on Olympic Valley’s political incorporation. For the area’s residents and Wirth as well, this is a huge relief as they firmly believe that the incorporation would damper the civic climate for small businesses. Wirth’s company has spent plenty of time and money in opposing these divisive efforts because of their ability to pose higher taxes on both businesses and residents alike. Many also note that such an incorporation of Olympic Valley could lead to decreases in levels of crucial services that locals have come to rely on like snow plowing and even fundamental road maintenance.
Even with the large sums of cash that backed the political agenda for incorporation, they couldn’t seem to surmount the California Local Agency Formation Commission. The state’s LAFC said in the end that the town simply wasn’t fiscally viable for the task. Wirth now hopes that the community can finally hone in on more important issues such as transportation with a more united mentality. Being co-founder of the Wounded Warrior Support honoring men serving in the Navy SEALS, he is also a major environmental and community service contributor for the region. CEO Wirth can only hope that the ceased agenda allows for healing.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Dental Problems Lead to Sleep Apnea Issues

Sleep is a condition where the muscles relax, the nervous system is barely active, and your eyes are closed. Sleep is something we all need and must have to function. Not having enough sleep can affect you whole body and the way it functions. Sleep is when you are not conscious of what is around. Sleep is said to be set in different “REMS”. Rem sleep is specifically known by eye movement and non-moving body parts. During sleep apnea, the REM sleep is disrupted.

Avi Weisfogel is one of the owners of Dental Sleep Masters. He spends much of his time explaining and training other dental professionals how to work with clients and their dental appliances. He received many awards and accommodations because of his work with cosmetic dentistry. He works with people that are suffering from sleep apnea and people that have issues with their teeth.

Weisfogel’s theory is that people may not need surgery if they try out one of the dental appliances. New York University College places him at the top of their class. His mastering of the dental issues is possibly the reason why he does so well with the Dental Sleep Program. He has been treating patients for a long time. He is working with his system that creates up to 300 dental appliances monthly. His Dental Sleep Masters are working to transform through new products and innovation. Check out his informational YouTube video posted below.

People with difficulties sleeping may begin by looking into their dental issues. The dentist makes sure to check the overbites, the size and shape of teeth, and how their tongue lays when sleeping. Sleep apnea is very dangerous and can be part of the reason for people not sleeping well and feeling tired all of the time. Sleep issues are one of the main reasons why Weisfogel is working so hard to produce appliances that work.

Sleep apnea can be the reason why people are overweight. Gastric Bypass surgeons often order tests such as sleep studies to diagnose a person’s need for this weight loss surgery. A person that is not sleeping due to sleep apnea may be suffering from a slow metabolism. Slow metabolism causes people to maintain and gain weight. Sleep apnea people will need to get their issues with waking up under control. Gastric Bypass surgery is one way and dental appliances are another. Which is more evasive? Most physicians agree that surgery is surgery and if we can avoid we need to avoid.

Bringing the King of Pop Back to Life: Sergio Cortes as Michael Jackson

What if the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, were brought back to life? One impersonator has done just that, meet Sergio Cortes a man known by Jackson fans to be the best Jackson impersonator in the world. What is an impersonator?

An impersonator is simply defined as someone who copies or imitates another person’s work. This is exactly what Cortes is known for. Cortes is well known throughout South America for his career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. What makes Cortes stand out to Jackson fans?

Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain and has focused and dedicated his life to being a Jackson impersonator. Fans are drawn to Cortes for his vocal talent, Jackson-like dance moves and the fact that he even resembles him. Rumor has it that if Jackson were alive today Cortes and Jackson fans would mistake them both for each other.

Bringing Jackson “back from the dead,” is what makes Cortes popular and desirable to his South American audience. Cortes is highly regarded in Brazil for his talent. Some of Cortes’ many talents include recreation of Jackson’s live performances, singing like Jackson and he has even recreated his music video performances with his own Cortes spin on them.

Sergio Cortes has reinvented Jackson and lives out his memory through his career. For more information on Cortes visit him on his facebook page and check out his twitter page too.

As a young man Sergio admired Jackson. He would watch Jackson with admiration and a desire to be like him. Jackson became one of his favorite artists and role models. Upon Jackson’s death in 2009, Cortes has brought Jackson back to the stage through his impersonations. Cortes currently works for the Destiny Project, a company geared towards entertainment and is apart of the music industry. This company helps manage artists and also gives them room to develop their artistic talents, voice, and abilities through their coaching. Destiny Project has given Cortes such support and has been his platform for his growing career as the best Michael Jackson impersonator the world has currently ever witnessed.

Remember, even though Jackson is no longer living he will always live on in the hearts and minds of those who are willing to carry out his legacy.

Premium Dog Food – Is Gourmet Dog Food The Latest Trend?

If you are looking for the right way to better improve the health of your dog, investing your money in the gourmet trend can truly help your dog get healthier. Your dog’s health is beyond important, and you need to ensure you strive to give them the best possible dog food that is going to guide them. In the latest trend going on in the world of dog food, you will find that countless people are finding it worth the investment to put their money into buying gourmet food from The Freshpet Inc. Factory provides users with top of the line gourmet food made out of regal chicken. They provide a wide range of products for their clients, and they constantly try to come up with new ways to further develop their brand. Getting premium dog food is more than possible with the helps of Freshpet because of their never ending opportunities for dog owners. This entire trend has become a $23+ million dollar industry, and there are people who are consistently buying only the most tasty treats for their dogs and pets. The Freshpet is just one of the many companies who are retrying to change their approach to food processing to give dogs a better tasting experience. Purina is trying to bring about a new recipe and product to help dogs in their senior years improve their metabolism and guide them to gaining more energy. The simple things these products are doing can help improve the livelihood of so many dogs. Beneful is striving to come up with new products in their product lineup. They offer great tasting meals and treats for dogs that many would consider in the gourmet category. The way they create foods definitely helps them stand out compared to other brands in the industry. It’s vital to remember that Beneful tries to help dogs with both their oral and overall health. Their dog food in the oral health category can allow for your dog to get an oral cleanse that can help protect their teeth and gums.  Beneful premium dog food definitely is worth buying for your dog.

New Innovations in Dog Food Spur Health

When you think of new technologies on youtube, I would be willing to be that you aren’t thinking about dog food. However innovations in the dog food industry are making great strides in improving the overall quality in premium dog foods that are improving the overall quality of your dog food. Some individual companies are concentrating on the freshness and quality of the underlying products and limit the amount of preservatives in the dog food which makes it more nutritious overall for your dog. Others are concentrating on the overall health of the ingredients by introducing organic food into the pet food they are selling and implementing different varieties to manage weight control. Others yet like Nestle Purina’s Beneful brand are allowing pet owners to actually develop specialized blends that provide personalized nutrition for their dogs. This level of innovation shows why Beneful is at the forefront of the dog food industry and why the benefits of this movement are likely to be not only the dogs themselves, but also their owners who have a healthier and happier member of their family. There is much at stake for dog food manufacturers as the size of the pet industry is estimated at $24 billion a year on Amazon. Of this overall market, premium dog food is growing and in the past six years alone the market for so-called premium dog foods has grown by 45% to a total value of $10 billion. As noted above, the beneficiaries are the customers who use the products. To benefit from this increased market size there are even some mergers and acquisitions that are driving the market. Purina purchased Merrick Pet Care who is one of the leading producers of organic dog food. This will be part of their Beneful line and fits in well with other offerings that they have for older dogs. This full line of dog foods has put Beneful at the forefront of the Premium dog food market and appeals to a wide swath of dogs country wide. But the market is dynamic and there is much competition so all brands need to innovate and stay on their toes, which of course benefits consumers.

More Labiaplasties Have Been Needed For American Women

As the last one hundred years are concerned, women have started to reveal much more skin in their outfits. Also, many women post seductive pictures to social media websites to better appeal to potential mates. Regardless of the reason behind women showing off more of their bodies, women are probably going to show more in the future, as this trend is expected to rise upwards in popularity and reach. Many women in the United States have recently asked for labiaplasties that make their private areas look better.

After women have kids or have reached a certain age, their bodies are not up to the standards they used to perform at. Not only is the performance of these aging bodies less than what they once were, they definitely do not look the same as they used to. Private parts of women are subject to these rules as well. Labiaplasties are expected to continue to grow in popularity because of these reasons described above.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, one of the most popular plastic surgeons in the United States of America, has experienced many women coming in her office for these labiaplasties, too. Jennifer Walden is currently a spokeswoman for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the central governing body of plastic surgery in the USA. From 2013 to 2014, demand for labiaplasties has risen more than forty-five percent. This is a staggering number on its own, especially compared to the fluctuation of demand for other cosmetic plastic surgeries.

For those who do not know exactly what a labiaplasty is, the lips of the vagina are trimmed back, tucked, or reshaped to make it look better. Labiaplasties have never been as popular as breast or bosom augmentations or implants, but if this trend continues, the demand for labiaplasties may overshadow most other cosmetic plastic surgeries.

Jennifer Walden has many before and after photos of various plastic surgeries she has performed over the years. It takes a great plastic surgeon to make these totally anonymous, unidentifable pictures available for viewing on a place as public as the internet, because plastic surgery is very hard to get correct.

George Soros, Philanthropist and Donor to Progressive Causes


George Soros, the world’s most successful hedge fund manager, is also one of the most influential philanthropists on record. He is a self-made billionaire who came from humble beginnings, working his way up from railroad porter and waiter after having survived the Nazi occupation of his native Hungary and fleeing the country’s communist takeover. He went on to found Soros Fund Management, which has accumulated $30 billion, according to Forbes.

He founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979 which is actually a network of foundations operating in many countries. According to the group’s website, the goal is to create an open society “where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth.”

At its start, the Foundation provided young blacks in South Africa with scholarships while apartheid continued. In the 1980s, he fought against communism in Eastern Europe by donating copy machines to citizens who could circulate banned books and engage in cultural dialogue with other countries. He also founded Central European University after the Berlin Wall fell to encourage critical thinking.

He provided financial support for the education of young Roma in Eastern Europe. Roma, also known as gypsies, were a marginalized group, and Soros’s support was the biggest effort in history to help them blend into the general population. The Open Society Foundation also fights for thousands of people unjustly imprisoned for years.

He has fought for an international system to create transparency in the natural resources mining industries which have been plagued by violence and unrest.

Soros is quoted as saying, on his Open Society Foundations website, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than other people. This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues. In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

Soros, a New York state resident, is actively involved in American political issues. In 2004, he bankrolled a get-out-the-vote campaign to counter restrictions placed on voter access in Republican-controlled states. Efforts have been made in recent years to limit access to voting by requiring additional proofs of identification, cutting voting hours and enacting new election laws which are aimed at traditional Democratic voters – minorities, students and the poor. Soros said he is “proud” to fund legal battles to eradicate these voter restrictions.

“We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” he stated in a June 5, 2015 New York Times article.

Soros has funded other progressive causes in the US, including drug legalization, end-of-life-care and voting reform.

At age 85, he no longer runs his fund management firm daily. He will turn it over to his son Robert in 2016.